By 1800, thirty Mennonite families had settled around the “Twenty Mile Creek” and at a meeting at Dilman Moyer’s, home in 1801 they received direction from the clergy in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to organize the first Mennonite congregation in Canada. It was first called the Moyer (Myer) Mennonite Church. At that meeting they chose, by lot Valentine Kratz as Pastor, and John Fretz as Deacon.

In 1801 a log meeting house was erected on land later given by Jacob Moyer between Rittenhouse and Martin Road on Hwy #8. Moyer later became the first Bishop of the Mennonite Church in Canada. For many years the church was known as the Moyer Mennonite Church and was changed in 1955 to The First Mennonite Church. In 1810 the first frame building was erected on the site and in 1896 it was destroyed by fire and second frame building was built in 1897. In 1961 the building was moved from the site and a new building was erected. In the year 2000 the church was renovated to it’s present form.

The First Mennonite Church 2008

Moyer Mennonite Meeting Place 1897-1961